bunting and pennants

Published 2011 by Search Press

ISBN 978 1 84543 157 0

When I was asked to do this book I did initially wonder if there were in fact 20 different buntings to make. I rummaged in the deepest recesses of my imagination and was delighted to discover that, yes, there are.

I do have a favourite: do you?

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I ordered this book on a whim but am so delighted that I did. I have had a yearning to make bunting from recycled (upcycled) clothing / fabric pieces for some time. This book is full of inspiration. I am looking forward to making the Christmas tree bunting and the pom-pom bunting. Friends and family have been forwarned that their homes will be bedecked with bespoke bunting come the festive season. I want to make some bunting for the garden, church hall, office ...... I have a cunning plan to beautify the world, one piece of bunting at a time.

This book is part of the 20 To Make series, which are small books with 20 different projects on a common theme. I will admit I never thought there were 20 different types of bunting, but I was definitely proved wrong! Each of these projects are distinctly different from the other, some are seasonal – such as Christmas bunting and Valentine's bunting – and others use different materials and shapes to create a whole new look.

    There is bunting for every occasion, as well as for every room of the house, from the very simple ‘Almost Instant Bunting' to the more complicated ‘Snowflake Bunting'. Even I, who to be honest have never really seen the appeal of bunting, am very tempted to have a go at some of these projects! The author makes it look very easy with clear instructions and inspiring photos.

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