crochet edgings & trims

Published 2009 by Collins & Brown

ISBN 978 1 84340 523 8

I have to thank crochet genius and good friend Luise for making this book such a success. We also had a fabulous American illustrator, Karen, who did all the charts, which look hopelessly complicated to me; I’m definitely a written instruction kind of crocheter. However, I know that for some people the charts are clearer than words will ever be. 

I love the leaf layer pattern, but have yet to find a home for it. Maybe a short, heavy wool fabric jacket with the leaves as
a trim around the hem?

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This book has edgings in crochet, along with large photos and clear diagrams. UNLIKE many edging books (and there are MANY), this book is useful for the way it's presented. There may not be so many edgings, and they may be some you've seen before (half rounds, shells, etc) but the photos are so large and clear, and the diagrams so easy to read that it makes crocheting a breeze. There are WRITTEN instructions below, for those of you who do not like charts.

    There were a few unusual edgings I particularly liked--several interesting fringes including a fan-like Dandelion Fringe (fringe emanating from a flower center on the band), an undulating fringe and a tassel-like fringe. I also liked a simple cable band that had a sideways ribbed cable; this would be a wonderful way to add cable insertions to a crocheted vest.

    There are many things you can do with these edgings. Even though you may have an edging book, I recommend this one for the new edgings and the beautiful, clean pages with easy-to-read instructions. Very nice book.

I am very impressed with this book . I was looking for patterns of crochet edgings and trims to add to doll or little girl clothes and found this book. It was exactly what I was looking for. I feel I can add many of these trims to a variety of clothes, knitted crocheted or sewn. Many beautiful styles for adult clothing also.