decorative knitting

Published 2005 by Collins & Brown

ISBN 978 1 84340 252 7

This started out as a wish list Luise and I made of all the kinds of things we wanted to see in a knitting book. There were many books for beginners out there (we had written one of them), but so little for knitters who wanted to move on.

We knitted, and knitted, and knitted, and knitted, and eventually it was done. We had knitter’s cramp and callouses, but were happy with our published wish list.

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I got this book from the library, and by the time I was halfway through it I had used up my post-its to mark ideas I liked. I gave in and bought the book through Amazon. It's well-organized, with a key at the bottom of the project pages that take you to the relevant techniques. I love the embellished button ideas, beading designs, placket and tab variations, embroidery library, and 3-D yarn effects.

    I found this book unusual, user-friendly, and within the realm of reality when it comes to actually implementing these ideas. I give it two needles up!

I've really enjoyed looking over this book and just added it to my wish list to buy. The directions are very easy to understand and the color pictures are beautiful. A great variety of techniques -- for example it tells you how to do a Frill Cast-On, and also a single frill and a tiered frill. It tells you how to do an I-Cord, and gives you 6 varieties: knotted, 2-color, double twist etc etc.


The book on the left is the US edition. There were quite a few foreign-language editions of this book, most of which I’ve never seen; the one on the right is the Dutch edition.