first knits

Published 2005 by Collins & Brown

ISBN 978 1 84340 154 4

This was the first book Luise and I wrote together. We had this idea of taking the established craft step-by-step approach and applying it to a knitting book. How hard could it be? Really quite hard actually. The logistics of getting all the knitting done in the appropriate stages for the photos required a spread sheet.

However, the idea worked and this book’s been so popular that it’s still in print. Well worth the effort we put in.

Reviews from

This book is awesome! I purchased it and it has great projects and it gives you close up shots so you can see what your needles are supposed to be doing at all times. I love all of the project ideas. I have several knitting books and if I have to pick only one to give to a beginner it will be this one!

THIS is the book I've been looking for!!! I know basic knit and purl, cast on and off, and one way to increase or decrease. But I've made very few things because I have no confidence to actually tackle a "real" pattern and pattern instructions, never mind pattern stitches that go beyond knit and purl.

    Even if I knew nothing at all, though, I'd be excited about this book. It doesn't OVERWHELM you with information, and the projects are TRULY beginner level without being completely useless at the same time. I'd have bought this book for many of the projects included, alone! Just enough to build my confidence with the tools and develop my technique!


There were a number of foreign-language editions of this book; the one on the left is Czech and the one on the right is Slovak.

In the UK this book
has been re-published
with a new cover and the ISBN 978 1 84340 611 2