knit 400

Published 2013 by David & Charles

ISBN 978-1446303603


This is a book that, now that it is safely published, I look at and wonder how I got it all done. In fact, I didn’t: the lovely LR and SH came to the rescue and did some swatches when knitting had cramped both my mind and fingers. And my editor’s patience with all the microscopic changes I asked for in the technique illustrations was (almost) infinite.

Rediscovering things is always fab, and doing this book made slip stitch knitting work for me. I’d only ever really known it as a colour knitting technique, and didn’t love it, but as a texture technique it’s just joyous.

The cover blurb hopes that this book ‘will inspire and inform your own knitting adventures’, and I really hope that it does: let me know...

Review from

This is a scrumptious book, eye candy from the start. It is filled with great information, put together beautifully by Kate Haxell. It is a wonderful resource, though not your typical pattern book for projects. Rather, it gives the knitter the tools to create projects and go from there. I can see myself using this book repeatedly. I highly recommend it to all knitters, beginning and experienced. Buy it. You won't be disappointed.

Published in the USA by Creative Publishing International: this is their cover, with a different title.