me and my sewing machine

Published 2010 by Apple Press

ISBN 978 1 84543 353 6

I wanted to write an accessible, good-looking and jargon-free book that contained all you need to know to sew well using your sewing machine, and nothing more.

No scary couture-type techniques that home sewers never use, no painstaking procedures that don't actually make sewing easier – or help it look better. It took a lot of research and sampling of best techniques, but that was fun, too.

The lovely Dominic, the photographer, suggested a very tight focus, so that the centre of the action is pin-sharp and the surroundings soft focus. This not only looks fab, it also emphasises what’s going on – always a good combination.


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When I saw this book at Waterstones I bought it straight away because the wording and pictures are so clear and very easy to understand. This book is great for beginners. Kate makes sewing very easy, interesting and understanding to follow. The book shows you step-by-step how to sew from the basics to the nearly ‘difficult’, but with Kate's explanation it is easy peasy to follow. Good book and an all rounder!!

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I honestly can't say enough good things about this book. I was more than surprised at how well it was written and presented. I have been on the look out for a great, basic sewing guide to recommend to new sewers and I no longer need to search. This is the book! Everything is well written, in an easy to understand format. Kate tells you just what you need to know without a lot of extra fluff. Step-by-step photos for each technique are a true blessing. Even after sewing for 20+ years, this book will have a permanent home on my shelf.


Published in the USA by C&T: this is their cover. There are also Dutch, French and Spanish editions.