super-cute pincushions

Published 2012 Cico

ISBN 978-1908170309


I’d been making pincushions for my stand at The Knitting and Stitching Show, and realised that there wasn’t much out there on making these things, but that lots of people loved them, collected them, posted photos of them...

So I took a project list to the lovely Cindy at CICO Books, and here’s the book. I had such a good time designing and making 35 practical but good-looking pincushions: this is another one of those books that makes me realise how lucky I am to have this job. 

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This is an absolutely delightful book. I have just received it today, and there are several pincushions I want to make from it. A huge plus is that the templates are all printed full size - it annoys me to death when I buy a book and then have to enlarge the pattern pieces somehow!

The hard part will be deciding which pincushion/s to make first.

I totally love this book, great ideas which can be used for so much more than pin cushions, gorgeous photography too

Wow, I actually thought this was a first - a book on pincushions, but when I looked for others, I found quite a few. However, you cannot go wrong with a Kate Haxell book on any subject - she's one of the best. This book contains an exciting range of pincushions. The pincushions use various sewing techniques such as patchwork and embroidery and are pretty as well as practical. I love the owls, hearts, pretty teacup, Christmas trees and more. I can see these in a high class shop. Excellent photos and instructions, with templates given where necessary.